in Jacuzzi

ジャグジー in 渋谷,東京

Since I was able to complete Miss Yamamoto’s press works yesterday,
Today, I did RELAX at the jacuzzi.

Recently, in a jacuzzi,
I could also find a way to suspend or lightly train muscular strength,
so,it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

After I swam in the pool, it is troublesome to go to the lower training room after changing clothes,
Because I want to do it in one place collectively.

ジャグジー in 渋谷,東京

Taking a picture in the evening, a Moody Jacuzzi,
Taking a picture in the day, I feel it is unpleasant w,
It’s comfortable ♪


While the people going to Shibuya from afar are riding a crowded train,
I can RELAX in the Jacuzzi.

And when the people passing from a distance enter the bath about the house,
I can do PRESS WORKS for girls in my room (electronic cottage).

This is possible because of my LIFE STYLE.(The place to live with the workplace is close to the place to be played.)

SHUN ONLINE(樺澤俊悟)12/16/2018 SHUN ONLINE(樺澤俊悟)12/16/2018




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